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Dogs Love Rocky Mountain Antler Chews!



At Rocky Mountain Antler Chews, we take pride in offering premium, all-natural dog chews sourced from deer and elk antlers. Our mission is to provide wholesome, mineral-rich treats that not only bring joy to dogs but also prioritize their safety. Unlike traditional chews, our antlers do not splinter, ensuring a worry-free chewing experience for your furry friends.


Situated in the heart of Gunnison, CO, we are a small family business with a long-standing legacy in the antler industry. With years of expertise, we guarantee consistent quality and service for our products. Our loyal wholesalers, who have stood by us for years, attest to the reliability and excellence of our offerings.


What sets us apart is our commitment to sustainability. Our antlers come from a completely renewable source—Antlers! We believe in providing dogs with not only a delightful chewing experience but also one that aligns with environmental responsibility.


Each of our antler dog chews is carefully packaged and labeled with a UPC code for your convenience. With a range of 5 sizes, we cater to the diverse needs of dogs of all shapes and sizes. Our mission is to bring happiness and health to pets through the natural goodness of Rocky Mountain Antler Chews. Join us on this journey, where quality, safety, and sustainability come together to create the perfect chew for beloved companions.

"Rocky Mountain Antler Chews are a good seller for us!  We were selling the free range antlers I think they came from Brazil, but we would much rather sell anything that is from Colorado.  Thank you, our customers love your product."  Pet Haus, Durango, CO

"We love having a local product and our customers love Rocky Mountain Antlers, they buy 2 at a time and have rated them 4 out of 5 stars overall"  

-Only Natural Pet Store

Dogs Love Rocky Mountain Antler Chews!
Dogs Love Rocky Mountain Antler Chews!

"One reason I love small business. They accidentally shorted us. I contacted them and they over-nighted the difference, hand written card and gave us a free one. PS these are the first chews that have kept Chester occupied. He loves them."  Rebekah C

"We are English Springer Spaniel breeders, as well as have a dog grooming and a small dog food retail store.  We only carry all natural, grain free dog food and treats.  We have heard from many of our customers that your antlers are the best available and would be very interested in carrying them in our store."  Pet Store Owner

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